Preschool Gymnastics Can Leave Long Term

This little girl can’t be more than 5 years old. She’s trying to practice balance beam but if you look her left ankle is already wrapped up. It’s a shame.

My children hurt themselves all the time and that doesn’t stop them from still using those body parts lol. They will still do what they love When I first bought my baby a door jumper I knew I would put them into gymastics.

Maybe it’s an old injury wrapped up for support? Jesus my son broke his wrist and smashed his sinuses and developed strep pneumococcal bacterial meningitis after a bicycle incident, doesn’t mean he’s not gonna ride a bike again though.

But at what cost? Hopefully she’ll be on the USA Olympic Team and I’ll be the first one watching cheering for her. But but her ankle is is wrapped up which means she’s ruining the muscles, tendons and possibly a hairline fracture. She’s just so little to be getting injured.

Her ankle is not injured. How do I know? She’s bending her foot. If she was in pain, she wouldn’t be practicing. I’ve had multiple breaks and sprains. And trust me.. she wouldn’t be doing this if it was injured.

It’s 100% wrapped up for support since it’s likely her weaker ankle. Check for safety tips.